Mundane but necessary

Just in case anyone thinks an art studio has art (painting, drawing, etc.) going on every day, I would like to set the record straight at least as far as THIS studio is concerned.

Right now, the time is 3:17 pm and there has been no new creative pieces worked on today.

My day has been filled however, with art-related tasks since just after my breakfast. I unloaded my car from a paint party, sorted canvases, folded aprons, prepped paper plate pallets and towels, unpacked, sorted and shelved paint, repacked easels, washed jars, inventoried paint supply, washed two trays of brushes, ordered more canvases, and refreshed the paintings on the walls (switched out old paintings with new ones coming up on my Paintezzy schedule.)

I have jotted down some new ideas that came to me while engaging in today’s mundane but necessary tasks. I will get to them soon when I enter my “in the zone” mode.

A soothing bit of music, a minute or ten of calming, centering meditation and voila’, the creative juices take over, I let go, and get back to it…real art.

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