Messy work spaces?

What happens when your studio or art space projects and/or supplies and materials begin to pile up and actually “get in your way?”Some people may be more tidy than that and if so, that’s fine. But, I tend to move rapidly from one table or project to another and consequently stuff piles up.

My business requires constant packing and unpacking of materials and when items do not immediately get put away, they sit on tables or on the floor eventually making me detour around my work spaces.

The solution is really quite simple. (and I do this on a regular basis.)

1. Evaluate the placement of your stuff. If you discover that some items do not get put away over and over, maybe their destination should move somewhere else more accessible.
2. Assess the flow and usage of your materials. I have discovered that in my studio, having tape and scissors at my desk is not convenient when I’m working at my paper cutting and mounting area. My fix? Tape and scissors at both locations.
3. Inventory your materials. Depending on your particular art needs this may or may not be important to you. When I am packing up for a paint party I need to have paint at the ready. When I notice a decrease in my supply, I can fill my paint or materials supply BEFORE I need to pack it.
4. Relax and remember that art is a spiritual endeavor and one that should bring peace and joy. Do whatever it takes to make that possible in your studio or art place.

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