Artist’s Statement, Part 5

What factors in my life have lead me to create the work I do.

Since my middle and high school art classes and a few art courses from college, I have dabbled in art from time to time.

The REAL impetus to pursue art came from the deep and gut-wrenching series of events that led to my retirement from my teaching career. With anxiety and stress a regular daily visitor in my life, a counselor asked what activity could I do that could bring me joy.

Painting was the only thing I could think of. So I dug out my art supplies and proceeded to sit at the table for THREE WHOLE DAYS without ever picking up a brush. Fear was gripping the life and creativity right out of me.

So, I asked God to help me.

A short while later he lead the way. I follow His lead every day. My message is His message. My medium? Whatever moves inside me answers that question. I feel as though more than an artist, I’m a facilitator. I do not speak. My art speaks for me and through me and comes from Divine inspiration.

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