Artist’s Statement, Part 4

How did I develop my techniques?

One of my earliest memories of art training and instruction came from a middle school art teacher, Mr. Tylden.

I vividly remember an exercise where we took a piece of construction paper and changed it by using scissors to trim the edges and/or make a random shape. Then we considered the shape, turned it in in all directions until we could “see” something emerge. We used pens or paint to define and add detail to the image. The construction paper had the message, we needed to find it.

Another lesson that taught me to think outside the box…we considered and wrote down as many uses for a brick as we could think of. The interesting thing I discovered was that the more permission I gave myself to “go for it” the more the creative ideas came to me.

My father Paul Kuhn, taught me to ask, “I wonder what would happen if…?” The sense of adventure and exploration imparted to me through this simple question has helped me develop techniques heretofore unknown to me.

My son Bruno, encourages me to stretch myself, test my boundaries and make up my own rules. He may never know how influential his critiques of my art have been to me.

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