Artist’s Statement, Part 3

How does my subject matter and style relate to my message?

My style is organic and ever-changing. My message is the same.

Whether I’m using pen and my homemade inks, acrylics, pencils, oils, collage, or multi-media, my message is intended to evoke joy, peace, color, movement, happiness and whimzy.

Life is a gift of love. Filled with beauty and constantly changing sources of joy, my art (from the mind of God) attempts to reflect that.

Though God never changes, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow; the expressions of His messages are as varied as the grains of sand.

He gives me the courage to “go forth”, try new things, be an explorer, an adventurer. This is why I usually sit quietly at my easel or art space and wait for God to speak. When I can sit calmly in the present moment and lay my thoughts and distractions aside, my inspirations and creativity begin flowing.

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