Artist’s Statement, Part 1

Recently, I was challenged to write an “Artist’s Statement“.

Okay, sounds simple enough, or so I thought.  I wrote an artist’s statement a year ago for an exhibition of my art.  To be honest, I wrote it before really understanding what information should be included.

One of my mentors, Jason Horezs, suggested answering the following as a good way to start.

1. What am I trying to say through my art?
2. How does my subject matter and style relate to my message?
3. How did I develop my techniques?
4. What factors in my life have lead me to create the work I do?
5. How has my work developed over time?

It is interesting to me that I had never really thought about my art in these ways. There has always just been this bubbling “something” inside me that wanted out. I gave in to these urges and more or less allowed them to speak for themselves.

Now, I guess I will “chew on these artistic noodles” for awhile and see what comes of it.

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