(Artist Statement)

My art reflects my heart.  When I was in high school, a wonderful (and slightly weird) art teacher taught me to “speak on canvas”.  I learned that my heart could speak truth if I were able to get out of my own way.

Over fifty years have passed since then, and I am still learning.  With my Lizz Andrews - Artist - LizzAndrewArt.comhusband of 41+ years, four sons and their families, and after retiring from 18 years as a high school teacher, I am still finding my voice and sharing my message through art.


As I expand my influence and engage others in this psychologically liberating experience, I am finding more of myself to share. I have also discovered that I am able to lead others into this wonderful, non-judgmental journey of self-discovery.  You see, it is not about painting a landscape, or a still life, etc..  Those are merely the results of love, joy, peace and sometimes pain that energize, form and create expressions from within. Art is the medium through which my soul and spirit speak.  This is the essence of my work.  Some days I use lots of paint, color and various tools on canvas to allow my heart to sing and dance, or pen and ink to illustrate a calm and reflective mood.  This is the most likely reason my art takes many different forms.

My emotions are triggered and expressed through this creative act.  Some of my art inspires a peaceful calm, while some express a dissonance.  Both are necessary and useful.  Enjoy what you will, pass on the rest.  That’s life.  That’s my art.


I have been commissioned by various companies and individuals throughout Pennsylvania and New England.  My work can be seen in offices, board rooms and doctors offices in the mid-state area.  I have also been hired to create artwork for private art collectors.

If you would like to hire me for a commission, please learn more about how you can hire me.

Mission Statement

My art exists to glorify God and to share my heart, emotions, and joy with others.